About the Center

Center for the Study of the 1960s

Welcome to the Binghamton University Libraries' virtual exhibit, The Center for the Study of the 1960s.

The Center promotes excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching and programs in the social, cultural, and political history of the United States during the “long” 1960s (1960-1975), a period of unique significance in this nation’s history particularly with respect to social justice movements.

With special emphasis on the University and the Binghamton/Southern Tier region, we are building collections in multiple formats to demonstrate the relevance of studying the 1960s now and in the future and are also working to harvest and organize research quality content currently available on the open web. Our plans are big and our aspirations high, so if you would like to stay informed about our progress, please contact by emailing c1960s@binghamton.edu, or by using link below.

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McKiernan Collection

About the Collection

The Center for the Study of the 1960s would not have been conceived and developed without the generous donation made to Binghamton University Libraries by Binghamton University Alumnus Stephen McKiernan.

This vast collection of materials includes thousands of books, as well as photos and preserved magazines. It also contained tapes of over 180 interviews, conducted by Mr. McKiernan, with prominent figures from the 1960s.

Image of Stephen McKiernan